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At Esmeraldas Colombia we have a beautiful and varied collection of women’s jewelry in our exclusive quality material: Gold Silver. It is very likely that when visiting our website you have wondered what exactly Gold Silver is and what gives it its quality. We bring you some answers so that you can clear all your doubts and buy with greater security.

When we talk about Silver Gold, we are referring to a jewel that has been made of high purity 950 Silver and passed through an exclusive 18k Gold bath. 950 silver is a metal alloy in which 95% of its composition is silver. This is the purest presentation of Silver used in the creation of jewelry, it is hypoallergenic and can be easily cleaned to restore its original shine. Additionally, our Gold Silver jewels have an exclusive 18k Gold plating which allows the jewel to take on a beautiful golden color similar to that of 18k gold.

Aprende más sobre la Plata 950.

As you can see, Silver Gold jewelry is made of a combination of precious materials, which is why they are hypoallergenic, making them ideal for those who are a little more sensitive to allergic reactions.

At Esmeraldas Colombia we guarantee the authenticity of the materials with which we make our jewelry, in addition to this we offer you maintenance so that your Gold Silver jewelry remains as new and a wide catalog of earring and necklace designs that you will surely love .

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