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We know how confusing it can be to buy a piece of jewelry when you don’t have enough knowledge. It is for this reason that today we bring you some terms to facilitate your online jewelry purchases.


The carat is the unit used in metallurgy to measure the purity of gold. When we talk about 24k gold, we are referring to pure gold, where 99.99% of the alloy is gold, it is not commonly used in jewelry because of how soft it is. 18k gold refers to an alloy that has 18 parts of gold and 6 parts of another metal in an alloy that provides greater hardness and resistance for the manufacture of jewelry. In the market we can easily find jewelry made with 18k, 14k or 10k gold, the higher this number is, the more parts of gold the alloy with which the jewel has been made has.


An alloy is a mixture of two or more metals. These are used in jewelry generally to give the metal more strength or to change its appearance.


Setting is the art of fixing precious stones to metal at the time of making jewelry.


A hypoallergenic material or product is one that has a minimal risk of producing allergic reactions. Among these are metals such as gold or silver.


It is a technique that through chemical or electromagnetic means applies a layer of gold to another metal, such as silver or copper, to give it the appearance of a gold jewel.

Laminated gold

The Laminated Gold of Esmeraldas Colombia is unique. We fuse gold into titanium at the molecular level, creating armor with the appearance and properties of gold. Learn more about our laminated gold

Silver Gold

When we talk about Silver Gold, we are talking about a jewel that has been made of high purity 950 Silver with an exclusive gold bath that gives it an appearance similar to that of this metal. Learn more about this type of jewelry

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